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Iti Restaurant

Authentic Taste of Bengal Guaranteed !!..

  iti was established on the Poila Baishak circa 1419 (English 14th April 2012) by Mr. Purnendu Bose and his wife Mrs Prishita Bose. Our Founder Director and CEO, Mr. Purnendu Bose is based in Mumbai, is an accomplished & well respected professional in the media fraternity with outstanding track record.

The team shares a common interest as our CEO is a delectable specialty food connoisseur, specially exotic Bengali food. With that in mind, we have started our own chain of Bengali Family Restaurant in Mumbai. We have plans to establish a national presence over the next coming months. The interior design of the restaurant is conceived and tastefully done by Mrs. Prishita Bose. read more →

  • Being my first visit in person to the restaurant, I am simply overwhelmed at the precision of the cook toward particular tastes. This is really a good treat, I have had honestly. I didn’t expect it to be so good

    Anindya Bhattacharyya

  • The restaurant has moved to a larger space, but the quality of food remains still great!! Now in a better place, with ample car parking, this place is definitely the Bengali cuisine delight.

    Shiva Khan

  • I have been to this place just once and trust me, the food is really good. You don't get Shyam Bajarer Kosha Mangsho everywhere and the way they prepared it, was really delicious. A good find for good Bengali food.

    Debashish Das

  • I have been to this place uncountable times and I can tell you if you want to eat the real bengali biriyani this is the place. The food is really good. The other dishes are good but not as great as it's in Kolkata. But I am happy to get the taste of kolkata food in Mumbai. A must visit place for all food lovers it's much better than any other india food place in mumbai though.

    Moujhuri Guha

  • Great place for nostalgic bengali food , prices are moderate , try the nolen guder ice cream here that is a must have , and they also give pan shots complementary which is basically shots of pan which has great after taste.

    Pradeep Maity

  • I have ordered from this place. Twice (well now many times, I think I'm a regular). And the food is to die for. Places like this softens the blow of staying away from Kolkata. Try the Bhetki Paturi. I would recommend it highly!

    Suman Kalyan Guha